Solar Currents and Brain Waves

Post date: Oct 26, 2009 12:40:51 PM

Just Don't worry about it, aint no reason to doubt  that its only God's will, just take a pill,  How'd you get such a big Cross to bear, I guess the reason Im here is, Im really not all there!      

May the skies stay blue and your compass be true!

Don't fight with the ring it will just circle around you

A Toast to wives and Girl friends "May they never Meet ! "

if sellin' the boat will keep us afloat, I'll no longer be a sailor    

My Compass it Reads my mind an its tellin' me its travelin time

My True North is Southern Bound 

The Fate of all mankind I fear, Is in the hands of Fools........King Crimson 1969 

The current has brought us summer!  Get aboard and if you can't get aboard get a plank. 

Put your best face forward, turn around an people asssss-questions.

If you built you a Bar on the Back of your Car, you wouldn't drive your self to Drink  

If you Feel more like you do now than when you first got here, then you have been gone since you left. 

Only reason I'm here is because I'm not all there!

Panspermia is why we are here

Here's to Swimmin' with Bo'legged women

Your telling me your leaving, well thats the best news I've heard today

Don't let the Door Hit-ya Where the Good Lord Split-ya is all I have to say



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