Bary Jolly's End of the world Party @ Macado's Chat n Chew!***December 21st *** Friday not Saturday!

Post date: Dec 15, 2012 9:1:4 PM

Well if the Sun comes up This Friday and we all survive the coming alignment of the planets in our known universe that also corresponds with the Mayan "long Count" calendar expiring, and If no apocalypse of Biblical nature is a result of this Mayan prophecy, then....Lets have a Party!  Join us for the best Christmas Party ever because we all dodged a imaginary cosmic bullet! Bary Jolly and friends will be paying tribute to the parrothead king with all the tropical rock standards as well as some Christmas Cheer! come on out and toast to the New Age of Mans quest for knowledge, wisdom and Beer!  Music starts at 7 Friday December 21st and will go till the cows come in!  See you There!