Jimmy Buffett Tribute Song Song List

Here is a list of Jimmy's best songs performed in a live concert format.   

Gypsies in the Palace 

My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink

Jamacia Mistaica 

One Particular Harbor 

Pascagoula Run 

Rag Top Day 

Knee Deep 

Coast of Carolina 

Simply Complicated 

Jolly Mon Sing 

Banana Republic 

Boats To Build 

Don't Dance like Carmen nomore

Last Mango in Paris 

Great Filling Station Holdup

We are the people our parents warned us about 

Brown Eyed Girl 

Boat Drinks 

Come Monday 

I will Play for gumbo 

Cheeseburger in paradise 

Bama Breeze 

Pencil thin Moustache

Hey good lookin'

Cuban Crime of Passion

A Pirate looks at 40 

Grapefruit Jucy Fruit


License to chill 

Barefoot children in the rain 

Peanut Butter Conspiracy 

Who's the blonde Stranger 

He went to Paris 


5 o'clock Some where 

Changes in lattitude 

Trip around the sun 

Havanna Daydreaming

Livingston Saturday Night 

Son of a sailor 

The weather is here wish you were Beautiful 

Another Saturday night 


Trying to reason with hurricane season

Coconut Telegraph 

Door Number 3

Kick it in second wind 

Money back guarantee 

Sea of heartbreak 


Tin cup Chalice


Why don't we get drunk and screw

Knees of my heart 

Lovely cruise 

Nothing but a Breeze 

Defying Gravity

Miss You So Badly 

Off to See the Lizard

Something bout a boat 

Window on the World

This Hotel Room

Jamacia Farewell

Nautical Wheelers

Bubbles up

Happily Ever After (Now and Then)