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Looking to spice up a summer cookout? How about an island-style birthday party? Feel like a rockin' night at the bar or maybe a relaxing afternoon at the marina? Any event gets better when you add entertainment from Bary Jolly & Jolly Enterprises. From Margaritas to Michelobs, Piña Coladas to PBR - we've got the music to fit your mood! 

    Ahoy Mates ! Now Hear This !  Jolly Enterprises is now booking for the 2015 season. Schedule those important events now!  Use the contact form below or Call 865-966-1810

If you have Tropical Theme Parties in mind and you need the Jolly Man to play,   Book Early! 

How About an Island Party ? A Pirate looks at 40 birthday bash? Book now for your party or event and celebrate Summer with the best songs from the most famous beachcomber ever! 

Featuring Bary Jolly's Island Party

Bary Jolly's Island Party show is a must-see experience for all Parrotheads!

Live covers of Jimmy Buffett's best songs and crowd favorites. Songs like Fins, Cheese Burger in Paradise, Volcano  and of course Margarittaville just to name a few.

All songs are covered in the music style of Jimmy Buffett and accented with Bary's live guitar and vocals and special quest Artists on occasion. Shows normally are 3 hours but can go as long as 4 hours to fit any celebration schedule. Show intermissions are kept active with recorded music that can accent the flavor of the party or satisfy the customers personal choice. Bary Jolly is featured as an official tribute band at  Where you can also find a bio and more info about the most famous beach comber in the world.                                                                                                      


Summer 2015 Schedule 

The Summer of 2015 Schedule is coming soon on the calendar, Join me for the best place to spend a day filled with tropical rock and an Island flair 

Upcoming Shows & Events